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Angel Stories

Did you ever wonder why angel stories stay so popular? It's because the miracles associated with them cannot be explained any other way. And perhaps the most astonishing of all the angel stories originates with the legendary Lucky Angel Coin. This miracle talisman has been the source of thousands of angel stories for more than 200 years. Countless numbers of people worldwide will tell you amazing angel stories about how the Lucky Angel Coin transformed their lives.

This beautiful and elegantly crafted 24 Karat Gold coin is an exact replica of the original Augustine Dupre creation for King Louis XVI in 1792. The miracle of the angel stories began when Dupre--a devout believer in the power of angels-- escaped a beheading with the inadvertent use of his Angel Coin. Angel stories attributed directly to the coin have been growing since then.

Today there are hundreds of angel stories attributed to the miracles provided by the Lucky Angel Coin. Napoleon always kept a Lucky Angel Coin in his vest pocket (until he threw it into a Belgian river one evening). Hermann Goering, the engineer of Hitler's insane dreams, buried hundreds of thousands of these coins because he feared their power. And angel stories continue today from French fisherman, who never go to sea without them. In fact, people from across the globe regularly report amazing angel stories attributed to the Angel Coin.

Let the Lucky Angel Coin become a source of personal angel stories by letting its power work for you. Or give the gift of angel stories to your family, friends and relatives by giving them this remarkable coin. These coins are so powerful, we GUARANTEE they will transform your life!

We urge you to read the following angel stories attributed to this legendary coin. And remember, the Lucky Angel Coin is GUARANTEED to change your life!

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