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Good Luck Charm

Did you notice that most every lottery winner carries a good luck charm in the form of a rabbit's foot or coin? Did you notice that successful people wear a certain good luck charm (pins, crosses, medallions) where ever they go? Is it possible for an object to possess good luck qualities? We do. And we believe the legendary Lucky Angel Coin is the most powerful good luck charm in the world.

The Lucky Angel Coin is a good luck charm with over a 200 year old history behind it. It is so powerful a good luck charm that we GUARANTEE it will change your life for the better in just 90 days.

The Lucky Angel Coin good luck charm is an exact replica of the original Augustine Dupre creation for King Louis XVI in 1792. According to historical accounts, Dupre claimed he was saved from the guillotine by this good luck charm. The legend of this good luck charm has grown ever since.

The next 200 years are filled with wondrous stories attributed to this good luck charm, including many claims of lives saved. Fisherman never went to sea without them. Most French pilots during WWI always packed the good luck charm in their kits. Even Napolean carried the Lucky Angel Coin good luck charm in his vest pocket (until one evening in 1815 on the verge of a great battle in Belgium, he arrogantly flung the coin into a nearby river). In fact, the power of this good luck charm was considered so great that Hermann Goering, the engineer of Hitler's evil vision, ordered his soldiers to round up all they could find which he then had buried in a secret location.

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