the talisman

Good Luck

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have the good luck to flow into money, love and happiness while most others struggle? Do you ever wonder why, when two people follow the EXACT SAME rules, only one of them has the good luck to succeed?

Do you believe in the power of good luck?

We believe there is an unforeseeable factor at work in our daily lives. Eastern mystics call it "karma". Some people call it "chance". We call it "good luck". It's good luck that makes a person miss his flight on a plane that will later crash. It's good luck that lets one person win the jackpot on the first pull of the same one-armed bandit that another just vacated after three hours of futile trying. And it's good luck that transforms a "down on their luck" social outcast into an admired and respected member of society.

But how does someone acquire good luck? We think good luck can be found in certain specific objects. We've studied the good luck power of Haitian voodoo rituals, Buddhist prayer wheels and Chinese gold coins. There are several case histories documenting their good luck power. However, the most powerful good luck talisman we've come across is the now legendary Lucky Angel Coin.

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